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Back-u-Up – A Foldable Ergonomically Designed Back Support Cushion.
Back-u-Up was Designed & Developed by Co-Founders Michal Taichman and Gila Ziv.

Design by Michal Taichman
Michal Taichman is a world renowned designer with proven experience in ergonomic device innovation. Michal brings over 30 years of knowledge and consulting and applied experience in the field of machine user interface, specializing in the use of soft materials. She designs and develops ergonomic products for companies primarily in the medical fields.

Some of the companies Michal has worked with are: Flow Medic, Motorika (applying robotic technology), BioPed (orthopedics), C-Boot (mobility), MediTouch (physical therapy solutions), Kineticure (devices applying vibrations to joints), Commwell (physio products), BrainsGate (products with electrical stimulation), Medical-Dynamics, and Aran Industrial Design. At Back-u-Up Michal is in charge of heading product design and engineering.

Product Development by Gila Ziv
Gila Ziv is a certified teacher and expert in the ‘Alexander Technique’ with 30 years of experience working with people of all ages and with various back problems and disabilities, as well as athletes, pilots, actors, and army veterans. She serves as the director of training institutes in the Alexander Technique in Herzliya and at the Beit Ha’lochem in Afeka, Tel Aviv (associated with the IDF Veterans Organization).

Gila is a seasoned ergonomic consultant specializing in turning workplaces into more productive environments. She has proven experience working in high-tech offices, health clinics, law firms, home offices, and other work environments. At Back-u-Up Gila is in charge of heading the development of body support solutions in changeable situations.

In multiple positions and different seats Back-u-Up allows you to sit comfortably, promoting healthy posture and relieving tensions.

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