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This is what people are saying about the revolutionary Back-U-Up:

A simple idea addressing common back pain issues


I was given a Back-U-Up sample to try over a two week period. I found that the product provided lower back support while engaged in different activities throughout the day. Tension in the lower back is caused by bending forces that we set off through a pelvic tilt. During working hours, there is a tendency to relax the muscles that support the lumbar spine, which triggers a pelvic tilt.

Back-U-Up gives a comfortable support that allows for muscle relaxation without setting off bending forces on the lumbar spine and therefore addresses common back pain issues. I believe that this product may also be effective at alleviating and possibly preventing lower back pain in cases of severe lower back problems.

In addition, the support cushion also provides the right back support in sitting positions where we tend to “slide” forward towards the front of our seat (this is a common occurrence caused by prolonged sitting.) I highly recommend this product.

Dr. M. Yaniv | Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery | (April 12, 2010)


Excited about its aesthetic appearance and portability


The Back-U-Up support cushion not only has an aesthetic appearance, it looks particularly appealing. It is lightweight, in an attractive colour, and exceptionally portable.

As a lower backache sufferer, I can say that it absolutely did the trick when I put it behind me in the car whilst driving. It was very supportive and more comfortable than any other support I have seen and used, all of which were far more cumbersome.

Ms. Joan Arnolds | Director of International Affairs and Resource Development | (December 6, 2010)


The support is very convenient to use – even in the cockpit of fighter jets


I have been using this product for over six months in a wide range of seating environments: on
the sofa at home, in my car, on a computer chair, on benches at various airport terminals, on
airline flights, and even in the cockpit of fighter jets. The Back-U-Up support cushion is very
convenient to use. The main reason is that you feel that it fills in the missing space which
naturally forms in the lower back area when seated. At first you feel the cushioned support but
after a few minutes it becomes unnoticeable. I’m so used to it now, I can’t think of managing
without it.

Fighter Pilot in Reserve Duty | (February 20, 2011)


In the car I felt more alert


My friends and I tried the Back-U-Up support cushion for a number of months now and we all feel a significant improvement in our lower back. In the car (relatively new vehicles) we noticed that not only did we not suffer from lower back pains but that we were more alert because of our comfortable seated position. At home it was especially useful while seated on the couch and in front of a computer. Particularly on the sofa, the product alleviated the feeling of “sinking” into the seat. Thank you!

Mr. Moshe Levy | Office Worker | (May 10, 2011)

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